They Ain't Buying NASA's Assurances in Hampton

Jump and shout - Tell Congress you care about aeronautics and NASA Langley (anonymous opinion), Daily Press

"A lot of the reassurances that come out of Washington aren't very reassuring. So Vic Lebacqz will surely understand that his reassurance that NASA doesn't plan to close Langley Research Center in Hampton would be a lot more reassuring if it were accompanied by bigger budgets and a growing work force at the center. Instead, the trend is all in the other direction."

Other Voices: The threat to NASA Langley, (opinion), Daily Press

"Many fear that if the cuts in the president's current budget are not reversed, it could be the beginning of the end for NASA Langley. Let's hope they're wrong - in terms of this community's well being and, most importantly, in terms of this country's future economic, military and scientific leadership."

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