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Canton Park District receives gift from Nagel, Canton Daily Ledger

"Former Canton resident, retired Air Force Colonel, and former NASA Astronaut Steve Nagel has secured a shuttle spacecraft tire for display by the Canton Park District the board learned at its Feb. 28 meeting. The tire has been fitted with a glass top and is being used as a table at the Ingersoll Airport office building. Michelin Aircraft Tire Company manufactured the tire and donated it to the park district."

Editor's note: That's more like it!

NASA Sale of Surplus Property: Sale of Flown Shuttle Tires, Main Landing Gear

"Bid opening is March 15, 2005, at 2:00 pm local time. A copy of the Invitation for Bid may be obtained from the Internet at: or call 321-867-2287 and ask for Sale Number 804200-2005-0008."

Editor's note: I have to think that there is a museum - perhaps a small one - somewhere in the United States where such a piece of space flown hardware would receive a special place of honor. Selling this item as surplus runs the risk that it might end up inside a plastic bag in some collector's garage.

Update:NASA Modification to a Previous Presolicitation Notice: Sale of Flown Shuttle Tires, Main Landing Gear


Editor's note: NASA Public Affairs was not aware of this pending tire auction and asked that these tires (around 60 total) be pulled from the auction block. Plans are now being developed whereby these tires would be used for a variety of agency public outreach and educational activities.

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