Another Money Saving Memo from NASA MSFC

MSFC Activity Notice
Letter from David King, MSFC Center Director

"As many of you are aware, due to funding limitations, the Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance contracts have been de-scoped. This was a difficult but necessary decision in order to ensure vital center services continue to function normally in this time of scarce fiscal resources. As a further cost cutting measure and in keeping with our vision of growth here at Marshall, I am asking all Marshall employees, both NASA and contractors, to join me in a new cost-saving initiative. Starting today, I am asking that for the next 9 months, we all join together and not cut our hair.

I ask instead that you contribute the money that you would normally spend on haircuts and shaving products to our new "Keep Marshall Beautiful" campaign where we will use the money to cover the cost of restoring some of the landscaping and ground services recently lost due to center fiscal limitations, mostly removing the weeds from the plant beds in the 4200 complex. Most visitors to NASA visit the 4200 complex, therefore it is an immediate priority that we keep this area of our center looking presentable. Studies show Americans spend over $2 billion on haircuts and shaving products every year. One can only imagine how much we who work at Marshall spend and I am confident that we will raise enough money to keep Marshall looking beautiful and competitive. If you can, grow out your mullets, afros and other long hair styles, along with your beards and mustaches.

Let the sight of the tall grass outside your buildings inspire you. You will probably amaze your family and co-workers how different you look. As an added benefit, we will be distinguishable from the cleaner cut Army personel that we work along side and base security has agreed set up special LHOV (Long Haired Occupant Vehicle) gate entry lines to expedite our admission onto the base during this period. At the end of the 9 month period, we will all join together and collectively cut our locks and donate the proceeds to charity. This is a win-win situation for all and will undoubtedly raise our profile above those of other centers.

I sincerely look forward to your participation in this endeavour and want to congratulate all of you for the great work you are all doing here at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Yours truly,

David King"

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