Changes to PAO, Education, and Legislative Affairs

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005 (Agency's Weekly Meeting with NASA Senior Managers)

"- During his confirmation hearing, Dr. Griffin heard that NASA often meets itself in the marketplace. He explained that sometimes NASA people go to Congress with different stories. He stressed the need to communicate one story to avoid confusion. In the future, when someone goes to the Hill on a request from Congress, make sure that Code A, the Office of Legislative Affairs, and the Office of Public Affairs know so there is coordination of one NASA message."

"- Dr. Griffin will move the Office of Education under the new Office of Strategic Communications." and "- Joe Davis is the new AA for Strategic Communications."

Editor's note: Davis once worked as a spokesman for DOE. No word yet on who the permanent heads of PAO or Legislative Affairs will be. It would be really nice to see Grififn fix the dysfunctional relationship between these various facets of NASA's public face once and for all.

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