Chickens in Space

Attwater's Prarie Chickens Move to NASA JSC, NASA JSC

"It will be part of JSC's educational outreach program, which seeks to foster the next generation of explorers by encouraging young people to study technical subjects. The facility will give area students an opportunity to see first-hand the importance of habitat conservation and protection."

Editor's note: This is the lamest attempt I have ever seen by NASA PAO to take some local community relations effort - one done at a NASA field center for overt, local political reasons - and contrive a link to the agency's chartered purpose - as if that is why the project is being done in the first place. Oh wait - don't they have longhorns at JSC too - hosted for the same purpose? Hmmm, can you eat these chickens? Then you could add life support and in situ resource utilization to the justification list too ...

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