Deputy Administrator Whispers

"Keith: I would appreciate your publishing the following statement below: With the exception of the factoid regarding my proud association with Bigelow Aerospace, your 4-5-05 rumint concerning my pursuing the #2 position at NASA is completely without merit. Honestly, if you had called me before publishing it, I would have told you that I am simply NOT a candidate. Instead, I would have confirmed speculation that I have been shamelessly promoting myself to head the valet service for Donald Trump. I can use the tips! Seriously, I have come to the conclusion that, to use a variation on a Robin Williams' joke, idle gossip is God's way of saying that certain people have far too much time on their hands. Thank you in advance for allowing me the courtesy of clearing this up. - Courtney"

Editor's note: I stand by my earlier post - and what a number of people have told me - BUT Courtney certainly knows best what his intentions are!

Editor's earlier note: The fact that Mike Griffin has yet to be confirmed hasn't stiffled speculation as to who his deputy will be. Nor has the fact that Fred Gregory, the current Deputy (now Acting) Administrator, has made no announcement that he is leaving the agency. None the less, one name has started to circulate: Courtney Stadd. Stadd was named as the White House liason in 2001 by the Bush Administration and later became Dan Goldin's Chief of staff. Stadd kept that position for a while under Sean O'Keefe and then left the agency for the private sector. Among Stadd's clients: Robert Bigelow. In recent days Stadd has made it known to people that he would be interested in the position of Deputy Administrator - if asked. Stay tuned.

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