DoD Last Minute Notice Backfires

U.S. Agrees To Postpone Titan Missile Test Launch Over Hibernia Oil Field, Halifax Live

"The operators of the Hibernia and Terra Nova platforms, after learning that debris was expected to fall within 27 kilometers of the platforms began evacuation procedures which included removing all personnel and towing the oil rigs to a safe distance."

Fear of U.S. Rocket Test to Shut Offshore Rig, Reuters

"The test is scheduled for early Monday at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The regulator said it was in talks with U.S. officials to delay the launch or change the planned trajectory."

Missile test delayed after sparking scare at oil platforms, CBC

"Defence Minister Bill Graham said the United States has agreed to an indefinite delay in a missile test that sent officials in St. John's and Ottawa into a diplomatic scramble Thursday."

Space debris concerns ground a rocket, Globe and Mail

"Early yesterday, the U.S. National Aeronautical and Space Administration informed Transport Canada of the launch. The trajectory notification indicated that debris would fall off the coast of Florida and that the "booster would fall into the ocean south of Newfoundland," Mr. Graham said."

Editor's note: Isn't short notice just wonderful? I wonder if DoD thought about the economic consequences of shutting down a major portion of Canada's offshore oil generation capability - so say nothing of the added risk of short notice evacuation of hundreds of people.

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