How Do You Detect Culture Changes - or Lack Thereof?

From bad to better, or worse? NASA in culture conflict as first flight in two years nears, AP

"[John] Clark, who was married to Columbia astronaut Laurel Clark, bristles when he hears culture gurus and NASA leaders constantly pointing out that change takes time. "Well, guess what? It never changed after Challenger, so the idea that you can't see these changes quickly - therefore, don't worry if you don't see them - that's the wrong answer," Clark says."

Transcript of Press Conference with NASA Administrator Michael Griffin 18 April 2005

Question "...will you know or be satisfied that the cultural changes that some say are needed for safety are being implemented or will have been implemented to your satisfaction for flight?"

Griffin: "I don't know because I don't know how to measure cultural change. I--you know, culture is something that you feel, and I'm now reimmersing myself in the NASA culture after a departure of 11 years in which I was in industry and other government laboratories and other government operations. So I don't know how to answer your question."

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