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Life Science Research on Space Station Is Headed for Big Cuts, Science (subscription)

"Baldwin says the space biology effort would be "decimated" in the new plan. Both he and Charles Oman, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aerospace engineer tracking the research plan, expect that the animal research facilities will be dropped. In addition, documents first posted last week by the Web site NASAWatch show that the agency will roughly halve the number of station racks in use aboard the space station to four; limit astronaut hours from the 15 hours planned to 10 hours; and slice funding for integrating the experiments into the racks by 38% starting in 2006. NASA Deputy Chief Scientist Howard Ross says that the document, to be completed next month, is only "for planning purposes." And he rejects the notion that the community has been excluded from discussions."

NASA Internal Presentation: FY06 ISS Program Budget Challenge POIF

"Programmatic Direction:

It is now acceptable to have a loss of science caused by either system failure, loss of detailed planning, or personnel error.
Maximizing planning to achieve the most out of crew time is no longer a requirement.
Customer Satisfaction is no longer a requirement."

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