NASA Administrator Griffin Addresses NASA Workforce

NASA Internal Memo: A Message from Administrator Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin Takes the Helm as NASA Administrator, NASA HQ

New NASA Administrator Addresses Employees Today

Editor's note: Mike Griffin said that he'd be visiting all of NASA's Centers very soon. What questions do you have for him regarding your center? For those of you who watched Griffin's presentation, what did you think of what he said? Send your comments to

Your comments thus far:

I was very encouraged to hear Dr. Griffin state his support for NASA emerging technologies programs and development efforts that would never be undertaken by corporate entities, due to risk of little, if any, short term return on investment. I view Federal investment in new technologies as a critical and an inherently Governmental function, along with promotion of certain social initiatives, construction and maintenance of nationwide transportation systems and establishment and enforcement of civil laws and health regulations for the common good.

Rebecca Farr
Emerging Technologies Team
Propulsion and Fluid Systems Test Division,
Test Laboratory, Engineering Directorate
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center AL 35812

You may use my name and I have no affiliation with the aerospace community

I had the great privilege of reporting directly to Michael when my wife and I worked at American Rocket Company in the late '80s ( gee, did I say 1980's ??? that was decades ago !! ). Michael and I rented and flew a Cessna 152 weekly to Vandenberg AFB to conduct TIMs ( Technical Interface Meetings ) with the Air Force and Range Safety folks. Ah, those were the days ....

He is ideal forthisposition for NASA. He has a vision and is more than qualified to take us to the new frontier. His greatest colleague and friend, also a former AMROC employee, Mr. James French often lectured on Manned Missions to Mars. It was a great honor working with them both.

Mr. James French was, I believe VP of Engineering and Mr. Michael Griffin was Director of Engineering, I was Vehicle Avionics and Ground Telemetry Lead Engineer while at AMROC. The titles were not terribly important to us as we had a mission to accomplish.

Mr. Griffin will lead NASA to accomplish great things. He has 'The Right Stuff' to get it done.

David Gretlein
Senior Software Engineer
Escondido, CA

I have to admit that I was somewhat disconcerted by what the new NASA administrator talked about. His answers to the questions posed basically indicated the following:

- He's not at NASA to tell the President where NASA needs to be headed.
- He's believes that the Presidents agenda is the correct agenda.
- Aeronautics is not a central priority to fulfill the Presidents agenda.
- He doesn't intend to challenge the Presidents agenda, but is at NASA to implement that agenda.
- He doesn't intend to move space based work to the centers sustaining losses from the loss to the agency wide cutbacks in aeronautics.

In short, if you're in aeronautics, he's not going to push for aeronautics research, and he's not going to assist aero-centers by using their expertise for Moon-Mars work. Aeronautics is taking it in the shorts, even though all parties recognize that aeronautics is important to the nation, and maintaining a competitive edge over other countries. In addition, all parties recognize that other nations are fast gaining on the US aero market, and in some instances have already overtaken the US, and yet aeronautics is still not a priority. Why is that? Could it be that money for Moon-Mars are going primarily to Texas/Florida? cough*George/Jeb*cough? Me thinks something is fishy in...

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