NASA Docking TIM Agenda and Non Disclosure Agreement Notification

"Please use this message as a reminder that one week from today, on Friday April 22, the ESMD ADBS Docking ICP Project is hosting a Docking Technical Forum across NASA Parkway from the Johnson Space Center at the Nassau Bay Hilton."

Editor's note: One of the patents in question, "Androgynous, reconfigurable closed loop feedback controlled low impact docking system with load sensing electromagnetic capture ring", 6,354,540, Lewis, et al., March 12, 2002" can be viewed online here.

Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 4:48 PM
Subject: NASA Docking TIM Agenda and Non Disclosure Agreement Notification

Please use this message as a reminder that one week from today, on Friday April 22, the ESMD ADBS Docking ICP Project is hosting a Docking Technical Forum across NASA Parkway from the Johnson Space Center at the Nassau Bay Hilton. Traveling from Houston on I-45S take the NASA Parkway Exit and travel east ~3.5 miles to 3000 NASA Parkway. For your convenience here is a link to which can also provide important information for trip planning. Search on Nassau Bay, TX. Attached to the bottom of this message is a bitmap image from Mapquest of the location.

This Forum is intended to be an all day event with a 9am meeting start time and a prompt 4:30 stop. Ample time will be available at lunch to eat inside the hotel or at a nearby establishment. The Hilton has indicated they have a regular Friday Seafood Buffet at lunch for around $10 and there are many restaurants within 5 minutes driving that offer a much larger variety and less expensive pricing.

However, please plan to come early to register and participate in a Continental Breakfast we are providing.

Please be advised that in order to attend the upcoming IBDM Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM), NASA/JSC is requiring the execution of the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This NDA MUST be signed by an official in your company who has the actual authority to contractually represent your company in a NDA. This NDA must be physically presented at the day of the TIM before the start of presentations or submitted to Dottie Smith by fax at 281-483-2162 or before the day of the TIM to gain entrance into the TIM. Please note that only your company's execution of the NDA is required for attendance (i.e., a NASA/JSC signature is not necessary for attendance). If you would like an original signed version for your records, please execute the NDA in duplicate and submit two "originals." You may address any legal questions to Ted Ro, Patent Attorney at 281 244 7148 or

A notional Agenda is as follows:

8:00am - Registration & Complimentary Continental Breakfast
9:00am - Welcome/Introductions/Disclaimers/Objectives
9:30am - Brief History of NASA Mating Mechanisms
10:00am - ESMD
10:30am - Break
10:45am - Docking Interface: Setting a Standard
11:45pm - Lunch Break
1:15pm - ADBS: Past/Present/Future and Design Overview
3:00pm - Break
3:15pm - Panel Discussion (special topics)/Q&A
4:00pm - Conclusion

As a reminder this TIM is NOT a pre-solicitation effort for a NASA Docking Mechanism and is open only to US Contractors and US Government personnel as was stated in the Announcement. And because several of you have inquired, I wish to mention, that a process is being established where by if you wish to converse with the ADBS Project individually we can do so in the future. However, please understand that due to the lack of a formal process and the little time available the day of the TIM that these discussions will have to occur in a period following next week's TIM.

I look forward to meeting everyone next week and thank you in advance for your interest. Lastly, if you have time the day following the TIM feel free to attend the annual JSC Open House Saturday April 23. This event is designed to "open the doors" to the general public to allow viewing of work inside the Johnson Space Center. A link has been provided for more information.

Best Regards and Travel Safely,

James Lewis
NASA Johnson Space Center
Structural Engineering Division
ICP Advanced Docking Berthing System Project Manager
ph: 281-483-8954


Under the authority of 35 USC 205, and in consideration of the proposed disclosure by NASA Johnson Space Center; hereafter, NASA JSC, to:

[Company Name and Address]

hereafter, RECIPIENT, of certain technical data which is or may be the subject of a NASA JSC patent application, such data described as the following:

that technology disclosed to the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and as filed in letters patent to The United States Patent and Trademark Office and known as MSC-23933-1, "Low Impact Docking System (aka International Berthing and Docking Mechanism", MSC 23989-1, "Dynamic Axis Pan Tilt Unit", MSC 23882-1, "Analog Strain Gage Conditioning System for Space Environments", MSC 23881-1, "Low Friction, Low Profile, High Moment Two-Axis Joint", MSC 23876-1, Low-Friction High-Stiffness Joint for Uni-Axial Load Cell" (and improvements thereof) hereafter, SUBJECT DATA,

RECIPIENT agrees to restrict its use of SUBJECT DATA to the following purposes:

familiarization and evaluation only as limited to the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Request for Proposal (RFP) effort

and further agrees to use the same care and discretion to avoid disclosure, publication, or dissemination of SUBJECT DATA as RECIPIENT, acting as a reasonably prudent owner of similar data, employs or would employ with such data of its own which it does not desire to disclose, publish, or disseminate.

This obligation shall not apply to any data:

(1) which is or becomes publicly available (other than by a breach of this agreement); or
(2) which was known to the RECIPIENT at the time of disclosure; or
(3) which becomes known to the RECIPIENT from an independent source (without breach of any agreement to the contrary by the RECIPIENT); or
(4) which is disclosed with the written approval of NASA JSC; or
(5) which was developed independently by the RECIPIENT; or
(6) which is required by law to be disclosed; or
(7) which is related to any subsequent contract entered into between the RECIPIENT and NASA JSC, in which case the terms and conditions of that contract shall apply; or
(8) after five years from the signature date of the last party to sign this agreement.

RECIPIENT asserts that it is a U.S. company and that the undersigned representative is either a U. S. citizen or has a permanent resident visa (i.e., "Green Card"). RECIPIENT acknowledges its responsibility to comply with all applicable U. S. export laws or regulations in using the information provided by NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).

___________________________ ______
Company Representative*Date

*By signing the above, I represent that I have the authority to enter into this agreement for Company Name (RECIPIENT).

Edward K. Fein
Patent Counsel

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