New NASA Selection Procedures for RUSES 2005, AGU

"Generally one proposal will be selected at random for one grand grant and two runners-up will receive honorable mention in each opportunity, now to be called a drawing."

From: AGU newsletter editor
Date: March 31, 2005 7:01:05 PM EST

Table of Contents

1. New NASA Selection Procedures for RUSES 2005 Proposals

As the number of good research ideas, valuable data sets, and new analysis techniques has increased, so has the number of excellent and eminently selectable proposals grown. At the same time demands on NASA funds from various sectors have increased. Recent growth has been seen in mishap- board reports, risk-assessment panels, peer-review committees, independent- assessment boards, return-to-flight activities, crew- safety concerns, human exploration, Moon-Mars and beyond, education, outreach, inreach and overreach. As a result there are fewer funds for scientific research, the success rate of submitted proposals has dropped, and the concomitant cost to NASA for the review process has increased as the number of proposals per program has increased. To contain the costs of the selection process, new procedures have been instituted. Proposal instructions will remain the same and continue to be mandatory. Strict adherence to margins, fonts, page limits, deadlines and content guidelines is required. We appreciate that these requirements discourage applications but that also helps to mitigate costs. Proposals will be screened carefully for compliance by a commercial contractor experienced in mass mailings and submittals: National Publishers Clearing Club. Generally one proposal will be selected at random for one grand grant and two runners-up will receive honorable mention in each opportunity, now to be called a drawing. NASA reserves the right to select no winners (as in the recent Discovery lottery) and/or change the rules at any time during the contest. Future amendments to RUSES-2005 will list the chances of winning in each drawing.

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