Roadmapping Update

Editor's note: As part of the termination of NASA's current Roadmapping activity, NASA personnel have been briefing Liam Sarsfield, a Rand Corp consultant to Mike Griffin, as to what their various committees accomplished. A new, much smaller and streamlined roadmapping team is being assembled to go over the earlier work done in the previous, more expansive Roadmapping effort. Their task is to come up with an end product that is much more streamlined and timely than the ponderous output the original Roadmap activity seemed to be heading toward. Among the expected participants in the new effort: John Young, Jay Greene, and Bob Sieck. Despite the termination of the current Roadmapping effort, a half dozen or so Roadmapping committee meetings have yet to be cancelled. In addition, word apparently did not get to Al Diaz as he prepared to testify before Congress. If you read his prepared statement for his appearance at House Science Committee hearings on Thursday, there is still a 6 paragraph description of the old Roadmapping effort.

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