Roadmaps Cut Short

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"NASA managers insist that the president's vision is fundamentally friendly to science. "Science activities are built into the foundation of the exploration vision," James Garvin, NASA's chief scientist, told the American Astronautical Society at a 29 March meeting in Greenbelt, Maryland. He argues that exploration "is a scientific journey," citing the ambitious plans for lunar and Mars exploration. And Diaz notes that a series of "road maps" being assembled will lay out the long-term direction of science and be completed in time to influence the 2007 budget submission this fall."

Transcript of Press Conference with NASA Administrator Michael Griffin 18 April 2005

"I don't think the roadmap activities are on a pace that is consistent with the decision-making that we have to do. I will probably be establishing focused, small teams representing the breadth of experience throughout NASA, throughout the centers and targeted other institutions as necessary, in order to be helping with some of these larger scale architectural issues."

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