Today's Telecon With Griffin and Readdy

Transcript of Press Conference with NASA Adminstrator Mike Griffin and SMOD AA Bill Readdy on STS-114 Launch Delay Decision, NASA HQ

"[Griffin] Part of the problem, I think, is that as the decades have gone by, when we have been able to do human space flight, we've come to accept it as more or less routine. From an engineering point of view, it isn't. When some of us--some of you weren't even born, but when some of us were, say, 12 years and we launched Alan Shepherd (sic), everybody knew that Al was risking his life. That's why they were heroes. The people who get on the shuttle today and fly it or who have flown it, such as my compatriot here, are every bit as much heroes as Al Shepherd (sic), Gus Grissom, John Glenn on his first flight, every bit as bold, courageous, and risk-taking, as were the astronauts of a generation or two generations ago."

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