Top Secret VSE Work at MSFC?

NASA Presolicitation Notice: MSFC Scenario Based Planning Services

"Arcata Associates, Inc. intends to negotiate on an emergency, sole source basis with Incucomm/Lone Star Aerospace LP, for Consulting Services to assist with development and execution of strategic Scenario Based Planning exercises to support NASA activities at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). Subject topics may include but are not limited to, agency transformation, space exploration initiatives and return to flight. The service provider must have demonstrated competence in analysis of both propulsion and communications systems, expertise in scenario based planning, and at least one immediately available senior level executive cleared to Top Secret - EBI level to act as a facilitator."

Editor's update: Why does someone need "Top Secret" clearance to provide MSFC with advice on "agency transformation, space exploration initiatives and return to flight" ?

Reader comment: "Answer: nuclear propulsion systems. Some people were all excited to work on Prometheus and JIMO until they got the clearance forms and read the "Adverse Information Act" that they would be required to sign and adhere to. There was an uproar."

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