Treating ALL NASA Employees With Respect

Editor's note: Many of you may have noticed NASA PAO Chief Glenn Mahone's rather sudden departure from NASA. No, it is not, as this picture might suggest, because Glenn wanted to join a revival of Earth, Wind, and Fire. NASA Watch has discovered the true reason behind his departure: Glenn was beamed aboard a cloaked Romulan war bird in Low Earth orbit where he is now fulfilling a long time ambition: to captain a starship -- with live weaponry and all media editorial office locations loaded into the phaser targeting computers. [See enlarged picture]

Seriously, on a personal note: public affairs is a thankless job. For that matter, so is legislative affairs. I think the paltry, public farewell given Lee Forsgren and Glenn Mahone sucks -- big time. Sean O'Keefe did not do it this way. Neither did Dan Goldin (at least publicly). Regardless of what you think of their accomplishments, these two guys busted their butts on behalf of the agency. Indeed, I know: I have seen it with my own eyes. A short press release, without even the common courtesy of a one sentence commentary by the NASA Administrator, is not the best message to be sending to the NASA workforce as whole - especially when a RIF is already underway at LaRC - and the rest of the agency is jittery about ill-defined changes that lie ahead.

Mike: All NASA employees, regardless of rank, deserve a proper thank you for services rendered. Recall how Goldin treated you back in the Space Station Freedom days after you gave your job all that you could offer - with integrity. On your first day on the job as NASA Administrator you pledged to make all decisions regarding personnel matters in the open in a "humane" fashion. It would seem that you have already faltered on at least two accounts.

Editor's update: Well ... the folks on the 9th floor were not at all pleased with this particular post on NASA Watch. Indeed, they were rather upset. For this new executive staff to be this thin-skinned with regard to criticism, this early on - especially when thousands of NASA and contractor employees face imminent and possibly involuntary departure from the agency - is not a good sign.

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