Where are the LaRC A76 RIF Notices?

Editor's note: A76 Metals/Machine shop RIF Notices were due to be issued yesterday. However, a last minute decision was made not to let them out on the same day that the incoming NASA Administrator faced confirmation hearings. Rest assured, they will be released - very soon.

Editor's update: The following message was sent out within LaRC to explain the delay in RIF notification:

"RTD staff,

The Office of Human Capital Management has completed the reduction-in-force required to implement the results of the Metallic Test Article and General and Precision Machining (MTAGPM) A-76 Study (also known as the Fabrication A-76). The delivery of reduction-in-force notices in connection with the Fabrication A-76 originally scheduled for Tuesday, 4/12 has been delayed per discussion with NASA HQ. However we expect to deliver the notices in the very near future but no earlier than Thursday, 4/14."

"This is an especially stressful time for all employees and even more stressful for those who received notices indicating that they might be affected by this activity. All of us must now strive to provide the appropriate compassion and support to those individuals receiving reduction-in-force notices. Your patience and understanding in helping your colleagues and the organization through these relatively turbulent times is greatly appreciated.

Steve J.

Stephen G. Jurczyk
Director, Research and Technology Directorate
NASA Langley Research Center"

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