Griffin Does ARC

The Future Of Space Exploration - NASA's Adminstrator Talks Safety, KGO-TV

NASA's new director backs science missions - Shuttle comes first -- some unmanned efforts to be deferred, SF Chronicle

"But [Griffin] conceded that despite NASA's proposed $16.5 billion budget for fiscal 2006, the agency "has a very full plate" of planned missions, and "some of the things will have to be deferred -- not eliminated, but deferred."

Reader comment: "Hey Keith, Did you hear about Mike's comments during his talk at Ames yesterday? A person in the crowd said I'm going to shock you, I have something positive to say. After the comment, Mike responded what a pleasure it was to have someone pointing out good things, that NASA Watch was pointing out the 4 things he was doing wrong everyday."

Editor's note: Oh well. I guess Mike Griffin did not see this posting on NASA Watch ...

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