ISS Elektron Oxygen Generator "Failed"

NASA: Space station's oxygen generator broken, USA Today

"The machine's failure "is definitely not a safety issue at all, because we've got oxygen in three different supply areas," Beutel said. He could not specify the number of days of oxygen on board the station".

Editor's note: Uh, NASA does indeed specify the supply days below - as posted before USA Today's article was published

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 12 May 2005

"Update on Elektron: The oxygen generator is off and considered failed. According to RSC-Energia specialists, an electronics box of its control system needs to be replaced for its restoration to service, and a new spare box will probably fly on Progress 18 next month. Until then, the station residents will use O2 from Progress 17P storage, which lasts until May 22 or 23, and SFOG (solid-fuel oxygen generator) "candles" afterwards. [There are currently 84 candles available on board, and with a two-person crew two of them are required each day. 18P will also deliver hardware for firing SFOGs electrically, as opposed to using the previous squib-type igniters.]"

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