Keeping track of all those NASA Spinoffs

Presolicitation Notice: NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Analysis of Impact of NASA Technology Innovations

"NASA has been issued over 6,300 patents; nearly one in a thousand of all patents ever issued by the U.S. Patent Office (since 1790). NASA's programs have also resulted in at least 1400 commercial products, which have benefited the nation's economy.Thousands of lives have been saved through NASA's programs, e.g. search and rescue, or the quality of life of individuals has been significantly improved (e.g. cool suits)."

Editor's note: I'll bet that this true NASA spinoff and commercial application was unknown to the people who released the ESMD solicitation ...

Studies of adult stem cells expanded with NASA-created techniques indicate the cells do not turn cancerous

"Regenetech Inc., a Houston-based, adult-stem-cell company, said today recent scientific studies of adult stem cells expanded with its NASA-created techniques indicate the cells do not turn cancerous."

Editor's note: I'll bet they did not know about this either: NASA NANO 2005 Conference.

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