NASA GRC Employee Comment on Griffin Visit

Reader comment: "Mike Griffin was at GRC on Monday for a town hall meeting. I think NASA finally has a leader. Mike was very open, up front, and did not try and sugar-coat anything. If NASA has any chance of returning to the moon, his plan for executing this is appropriate. Also he explained the aeronautic cuts quite well. Unfortunately, much of GRC's work is in areas that are being cut due to current National Policy, subsidizing air transportation."

"In addition, Mike indicated that technology research will be the area that suffers over the next 5 to 8 years to help fund the CEV. Thus, even though GRC may have excellent talent and research that could be applied to Exploration, unless that research is directly applicable to the CEV, it probably will not be funded in the next 5 years.

My concern is that GRC will end up with to little work and to small a workforce to justify keeping the center open. Mike also indicated that he felt it was inapproriate for centers to seek "other" work just to try and survive. GRC is currently in this mode.

There was a press conference on Monday afternoon, May 16. During that conference, if I heard correctly, Mike indicated he has no plans to shut down research centers. I believe he used the term "Not on his watch." However, reality is what reality is. See paragraph 1."

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