Roadmapping the ISS

Meeting #2 Minutes NASA International Space Station Strategic Roadmap Committee April 78, 2005 DRAFT

"The linkages to the ISS in the Exploration Transportation Systems roadmap include the ways in which the ISS can serve as a testbed for transportation trade studies and technology development. The ISS is not considered as a potential transportation node for the transportation stage from LEO to transfer to a destination."

"In the area of artificial gravity methods, Dr. Charles said a major issue is whether the gravity experienced during surface operations on the Moon or Mars will suffice to prevent the crew from losing operational capability. The Centrifuge Accommodation Module on the ISS could help to resolve this issue."

"In reply to a question on impact of the loss of the Shuttle's lift capability after 2010, Mr. Gerstenmaier said that the impact, which will be reflected in the FY 2006 budget, is not as large as the program first thought it might be. Some ORUs will need to be redesigned to not require the Shuttle."

"John-David Bartoe said that he had hoped the committee could downselect from the Exploration Transportation Systems SRM a list of things to be done on the ISS. Unlike the other SRMs, the ISS roadmap is a present-day roadmap, not a long-term, futuristic roadmap."

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