Shuttle Launch Date Change Request

Editor's note: The following Change request is working its way through the system: S042013FB - Update Launch Dates: Changes NSTS 07700, Volume III, Table 4.1 as described below:

STS-114 / LF1Launch7/13/055/22/05
STS-300 / NoneLaunch8/11/056/14/05
STS-121 / ULF1.1LaunchNET 9/09/05NET 7/12/05
STS-301 / NoneLaunchNET 11/3/05NET 9/6/05
STS-115 / 12ALaunchNET 2/16/06NET 12/8/05
STS-116 / 12A.1LaunchNET 4/23/06NET 2/9/06
STS-117 / 13ALaunchNET 7/13/06NET 5/18/06

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