So Much for Competition

Boeing, Lockheed Martin to Form Launch Services Joint Venture

"Both of our companies have developed versions of the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) in collaboration with the Air Force and have flown them successfully," said Boeing President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer James A. Bell. "By joining together we are convinced that we can provide the customer with assured access to space at the lowest possible cost while ensuring enhanced reliability by eliminating duplicate infrastructure and bringing experts from both companies to focus on mission assurance."

Editor's note:Wasn't at least part of whole idea in having TWO companies providing EELVs to foster some competition - and therefore cost savings for the prime customer (U.S. government) who also paid a hefty portion of what it cost to develop both companies' rockets?

Lockheed Martin Employee Memo: Formation of New Joint Venture

"The new enterprise, to be called United Launch Alliance (ULA), brings together Lockheed Martin's Atlas and Boeing's Delta programs, combining all of the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with these systems. This agreement, upon closing, is also structured to bring an end to the pending civil litigation between the two companies."

Editor's note:Certainly sounds like a monopoly in the making to me.

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