Soviet Style PAO Tactics at ESA

Radar readied to search for Martian water, MSNBC

"Worries over undesired thrashing or fouling of the booms had put off ESA's original plans to unfold them in April 2004, shortly after the probe reached its final orbit around Mars. Officials at ESA were so concerned about this month's planned deployment that they indicated no information would be released about its status until all three booms were out and verified as functional. In the wake of the BBC report, public affairs officials at ESA did not respond to e-mail requests for updates."

Editor's note: It seems that the ESA PAO crowd is still not ready for prime time - and that they did not learn any lessons from the public reaction to their reluctance to release images from Huygens' landing on Titan until, of course, it was 'safe' to do so.

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