Color Trumps Content at NASA

Editor's note: The following memo is making its way around the agency. I find it curious that NASA HQ management seems to be more concerned with how things look - rather than what things say.

"Making a Brochure, Fact Sheet, or Power Point Presentation?

Before you start, see the Visual Standards at Whether the intended audience is internal (NASA employees and on-site contractors), external, or both, all NASA-funded material should follow the new visual standards.

The standards have two vibrant color palettes to choose from and a crisp, bold photo style. A Power Point template is available at the web site. Presentations that use the Power Point template do not need approval. Prior to printing, materials such as brochures, fact sheets, and posters should to be approved.

Approval is easy. Go to, register as a user, if you have not already (only takes a few seconds), click on submit a communication, and follow the instructions. For more information call Gail Langevin at 48554"

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