Congressional Concerns About NASA/Hollywood "Liaisons"?

Editor's note: As I read through the 14 June 2005 issue of the Congressional Record, focusing on the debate yesterday regarding NASA's FY 2006 budget, I came across this:

[Page: H4472] [PDF version]

Mr. WOLF. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that during further consideration of H.R. 2862 in the Committee of the Whole pursuant to House Resolution 314, no further amendment to the bill may be offered except:

[long list of amendments]

"an amendment by Mrs. Musgrave, regarding NASA Hollywood liaison;"

However no such amendment - by Rep. Musgrave or anyone else - is listed for H.R. 2862.

But, if you look at Page H4459 [PDF version] you see that Rep. Musgrave talks about liasons between Hollywood - and the FBI (not NASA):

Mrs. MUSGRAVE. Mr. Chairman, I move to strike the last word. As we were looking at this, it came to my attention through an article in USA Today that the FBI's entertainment office consists of five agents. They are responsible for responding to requests from Hollywood for information. When I was elected to Congress, one of the things that I wanted to be aware of the whole time that I was here is that we have a responsibility to spend taxpayers' dollars wisely. I do not think that the United States taxpayers should be subsidizing Hollywood in any way. I wanted to express to the chairman of the committee, with my gratitude for his good work and to others interested in this issue, that I hope that these agencies can be more fiscally responsible with these taxpayers' dollars, and I do not think that we ought to be subsidizing Hollywood in any way when they want information. That was what I wanted to make very clear today. The sum total of that amount is $250,000 each year that goes for Hollywood liaisons. I wanted to respectfully make the gentleman aware of this.

Was Rep. Musgrave confused? Did the House Clerk's Office get it wrong? Or is there a mystery amendment floating around in limbo - one that deals with NASA liasions with Hollywood?

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