Hiring Confusion on the 9th Floor

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Independent Review Team Chair

20 June 2005 Solicitation: "NASA/HQ has a requirement for an independent review team chairperson. The chairperson will support the NASA Independent Program Assessment Office (IPAO) in the review of the Prometheus Nuclear Systems and Technology Program (PNSTP)." ... "NASA/HQ intends to award a purchase order to Mr. Theron Bradley Jr."

23 June 2005 Modification: "You are notified that the following changes are made: THE REQUIREMENT IS BEING CANCELLED DUE TO RECENT PROGRAMMATIC CHANGES."

Editor's note: How odd. NASA HQ issues a procurement notice to hire back its former Chief Engineer as a consultant on Monday and then yanks the procurement on Thursday. Meanwhile, in between those two dates, Scott Pace's new office (whose IPAO would have utilized Bradley's services) was announced as was the appointment of Rex Geveden, the new Acting Associate Administrator, who will be "responsible for day-to-day operations and management of the Agency". It would seem like one hand does not know what the other is doing.

Indeed, during a media telecon with Pace on Monday I asked him about this procurement. He was confused by my question as if he were unfamiliar with it, so I repeated my question and read part of the original procurement notice to him. He seemed to not know of Bradley's proposed hiring by his own organization saying "If the IPAO guys thought he'd be helpful to have his input they occassionally hire outside consultants."

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