Is Mike Griffin Serious?

Optimism as NASA Chief Charts New Course, LA Times

"When Griffin, a physicist and engineer, took over, he placed many O'Keefe initiatives on hold, including plans to outsource much of NASA's research to industry. Griffin hasn't promised that there won't be layoffs ahead. But as recently as last week he reassured the staff by e-mail that he values the centers as the repositories of the agency's "core intellectual capability." Many staffers take this as a sign that he doesn't share O'Keefe's enthusiasm for outsourcing. That impression was presumably enhanced by news reports over the weekend that Griffin is planning a major housecleaning at NASA headquarters, aimed at reorienting the agency from a politically-minded bureaucracy to a scientific research establishment."

Editor's note: OK, Mike (you asked people to call you by your first name, so don't complain to your staff when I do so as well): Watching NASA's expertise evaporate is indeed troubling. As such, seeking to restore NASA's "core intellectual capability." is indeed a worthy goal and I certainly applaud your intent. Make a difference. Draw a line in the sand. Put your money where your mouth is. Alas, in so doing, please note that Sean O'Keefe was taking direction from the very same White House that you now serve.

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