Scott Pace's New Organization To Be (Formally) Revealed

NASA Establishes Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin announced today the establishment of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA&E), headed by Dr. Scott Pace."

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Independent Review Team Chair

"NASA/HQ intends to award a purchase order to Mr. Theron Bradley Jr."

Editor's note: On Monday NASA will release information about the new organization being headed out of the 9th floor by Scott Pace. A teleconference with reporters will be held with Pace on Monday afternoon. It is interesting to note that this bio of Scott Pace - with the title Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation quietly appeared on the NASA HQ webpage with the posting date of "06.14.05"

What Pace will be doing in this new position was revealed in an internal staff meeting summary issued only a few days after Mike Griffin arrived at NASA:

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005

"Dr. Griffin is creating an office that does not currently exist and has not yet been named, but it will be something similar to the "Program Analysis and Evaluation Office" at the Department of Defense. It will be an Associate Administrator level office, and Scott Pace will head the new office. A Deputy position will be created, and the position will be competed.

The office will have four divisions:

1) Advanced Planning and Integration, currently headed by Mary Kicza, and the position will be competed;

2) Strategic Planning and Budgeting;

3) Cost Analysis, to be headed by Joe Hamaker currently of Code B; and

4) Independent Program Office (IPO).

Rex Geveden will continue as the Chief Engineer, but the IPO function will be placed under Scott Pace and will be headed by Michael Benik, currently at Langley.

In addition, Dr. Griffin will establish a team under this office to establish a culture feedback loop. Currently, NASA's culture lacks a method of finding out what the people in the field think. The team will travel to all Centers to talk with employees to gain information and report back."

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