Scotty: I Need That CEV in 2010 Or We're All Going to Die!

Editor's note: As you may recall, last week, Mike Griffin made a presentation, and answered questions, at a Space Transportation Association breakfast during which he said "I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock" [audio clip]. As many of you know, Griffin likes to sit in on technical meetings - lots of them. Indeed, as part of his management overhaul at NASA, he has transformed the 9th floor Administrator's suite into a functional facsimile of a starship bridge.

All of those blinking lights and buttons actually work, folks. Mike doesn't do props.

Oh yes, all the SESers who recently got eviction letters will be required to wear red shirts until they leave. Those of you Trekkies who are old enough will understand.

The larger image below provides additional detail.

Click on Image to enlarge

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