Senate Authorization Act Defends ISS Science

Senate Commerce Committee Passes Sen. Hutchison's NASA Authorization Bill

"The NASA Administrator would be required to report to Congress on any changes to the number of shuttle missions planned to assemble and supply the station."

Congressional Record: S. 1281 NASA Authorization FY 2006-2010; Bill Text and Comments by Sen. Hutchison and Sen. Nelson

"NASA has said it cannot afford to continue to provide for all the research that has been planned for years to be accomplished aboard the International Space Station. It has begun the process of narrowing the scope of the use of the space station to those experiments that can contribute directly to the needs of the vision for exploration, and the support of human missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. This legislation states strongly that such a restriction on the range of research disciplines aboard the ISS is not in the best interests of the Nation, or of our partners."

NASA, Entrepreneurs to Develop Biotechnology Plan for Space Station

"NASA scientists and space service providers are meeting on June 21 and June 22 to develop a new entrepreneurial paradigm for the International Space Station (ISS) focusing on biotechnology applications."

15 June 2005 Letter from the Exploration and Medical Sciences (ELMS) Coalition to NASA (PDF)

"We are aware NASA's current path to not cancel space biology programs, but merely to postpone them. Unfortunately, postponment equals cancellation."

Editor's update: This ARC conference would seem to be a waste of time given that Mike Griffin fully intends to gut ISS Science - the very same science used as the underlying justification for building the ISS in the first place - again and again over the past two decades. Then again, Sen. Hutchison seems to have different opinion on this topic. Word has it that Griffin and Hutchison had a 'chat' about this specific topic within the past 24 hours. Stay Tuned.

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