Solar Sailing This Week

Planetary Society update: "At 10:30 AM PT on June 22, 2005, The Planetary Society will hold a press briefing on the current known status of the Cosmos 1 solar sail mission. The briefing will be held at our headquarters at 65 N. Catalina Avenue, Pasadena, CA."

Russian Space Agency: Solar Launch Failed, AP

"The world's first solar sail spacecraft crashed back to Earth when its booster rocket failed less than two minutes after Tuesday's takeoff, Russian space officials said Wednesday."

Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Update - Spacecraft Signal May Have Been Detected, Planetary Society

"The review of data received at the tracking station in Panska Ves, Czech Republic also appears to indicate a spacecraft signal. If confirmed, these data will indicate that Cosmos 1 made it to orbit."


Blast-off for world's first solar sail spacecraft, Reuters

"An experimental spacecraft blasted off on Tuesday from a Russian submarine in a venture funded by space enthusiasts who see their solar-driven orbiter as a way to reinvigorate the race to the stars."

Molniya rocket crash will not cancel solar sail launch -- Defense Ministry, RIA Novosti

"The failure of a Molniya carrier rocket launched from Russia's Plisetsk Space Center on Tuesday to orbit a military satellite will not delay the launch from a Russian submarine of a unique spacecraft, Kosmos-1, which is equipped with a "solar sail"."

Watch the First Solar Sail Fly Overhead!

"On June 21, 2005, Cosmos 1, a project of The Planetary Society and Cosmos Studios, is launching a breakthrough mission to assist the world community in developing future solar sail technologies. Four days after launch, the spacecraft will deploy its eight silver sails and become one of the brightest objects crossing the night sky."

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