Taking Two Months To Admit What Everyone Already Knows

NASA Administrator Appoints Joe Davis Strategic Communications Chief

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has appointed Joe Davis as Chief of Strategic Communications, responsible for the overall communications and outreach strategy for the agency. David will oversee NASA's offices of Public, Legislative and External Affairs, as well as the Office of Education."

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005

"Dr. Griffin introduced the following employees and identified their roles at NASA: Joe Davis is the new AA for Strategic Communications."

Editor's note: It sure took long enough to admit the obvious! Indeed, this is all downright bizzare. What this press release omits to mention is the fact that Joe Davis has been in his position for more than two months - as noted on NASA Watch on 22 April 2005! Indeed, sentences such as " David will oversee..." ought to be corrected to say "David has been overseeing ..."

David R. Mould Named Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs

Editor's note:At least they only waited a week to announce this appointment!

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