All Eyes Focused on Discovery

Roaring Comeback, Aviation Week & Space Technology

"Discovery's zero-to-Mach 25 launch to orbit will be propelled by Space Shuttle Main Engines and Solid Rocket Boosters that have undergone substantially increased testing and rigorous quality oversight in the two years since the Columbia accident."

Flight of the Phoenix, Aviation Week & Space Technology

"Crew safety is paramount, but the immediate fate of thousands of shuttle related aerospace jobs across the U.S. is also quite literally riding on the success or failure of Discovery's return to flight and subsequent shuttle missions."

Calm and steady, launch director ready for liftoff, Orlando Sentinel

"I am a fan of ordinary people doing something extraordinary, and, for the most part, that describes our presidents," [Mike] Leinbach said. He turned and gestured through a giant window in his office toward the launchpad where space shuttle Discovery awaits liftoff Wednesday. "We have 14,000 people doing extraordinary things out here."

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