Griffin et al Meet The Press

Michael Griffin, Eileen Collins, James Kelly, Charles Camarda, David Broder, John Harwood, Kate O'Beirne and Eugene Robinson, Meet The Press, 31 July 2005

Editor's note: Mike Griffin did a very good job today.


"DR. GRIFFIN: Discovery is the cleanest bird we've had on orbit in recent memory. We have--so we think Discovery is safe to bring home, so that's not a decision. We have approximately one-sixth the number of scars on this orbiter by actual count as compared to the average over the last 113 flights before Discovery. So almost everything we did to fix the tank worked. We're working a couple of issues on Discovery right now. But we have--we think we have work-arounds. We think Discovery is safe to bring home."

Transcript: Sen. Bill Nelson on 'FOX News Sunday'

"WALLACE: So the question is, the president wants to retire the shuttle by 2010 anyway. Should we do it now?

NELSON: No. The space program needs to continue to build and complete the international space station so that it can be used as the experimental laboratory that we designed it for."

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