House Moves Ahead on NASA Authorization

Science Democrats Forge NASA Compromise That's Credible, Practical and Conferenceable

"I am pleased that this bill enables us to move forward in the area of exploration and also provides funding for other activities such as scientific research and aeronautics," concluded Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA). "I support the provision that calls for honoring our existing international partnerships on the ISS, particularly those partnerships involving life science research using the centrifuge."

House Science Committee Approves H.R. 3070, the NASA Authorization Act of 2005

"Also, by remaining silent on the Shuttle program's length of operation, the bill provides the Administrator the flexibility to move forward with his plan to retire the Shuttle program in 2010."

House Science Committee Unanimously Approves NASA Authorization Bill

"Unlike H.R. 3250, the Substitute: Drops language that prevents Shuttle retirement until the Crew Exploration Vehicle is in operation"

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