JSC vs MSFC website silliness

Editor's note: Why doesn't this page, this page, this page, or this page at NASA's Human Spaceflight website (run by JSC) link to this page (run by NASA MSFC) - all of which have to do with the ISS and tracking its current location?

This page at NASA HQ also contains ISS sighting information. It also does not link to the MSFC pages. Indeed, if you go to this page at MSFC which tracks the ISS, there is no link to NASA's official ISS page!

Why do JSC and MSFC continue to maintain their own, mututally exclusive, ISS tracking pages? This is not a new situation - it started in the 90's when NASA's first shuttle websites appeared online. With all of the focus on NASA's new web portal look and feel, you'd think someone could link from one NASA website to another.

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