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NASA May Try Shuttle Repair - Reentry Hazard Is Feared From Fillers on Shield, Washington Post

"NASA hopes to decide Monday whether to order an unrehearsed spacewalk to make the first exterior "repair" of the space shuttle in orbit. An astronaut would try to eliminate a potential reentry hazard by removing two protruding bits of heat shielding on the belly of the shuttle Discovery."

Cloth Protrusions on Discovery May Constitute a Threat, NY Times

"NASA may conduct a spacewalk to correct a problem on the underside of the space shuttle Discovery that provoked "strong disagreement" among NASA analysts about whether or not it poses a safety hazard to the spaceship and its crew, the lead flight director for the mission said today."

Why NASA Can't Get It Right, Time

"The larger question may not be the fate of Discovery but that of the whole fleet. After 2 1/2 years and $1 billion spent on safety upgrades designed to prevent just such a setback, how could things go so wrong again?"

NASA mulls threat from protrusions, CNN

"I believe the gap fillers are similar to what we had seen in previous flights," Discovery commander Eileen Collins said in a news conference from orbit. "It's definitely not a big concern for me now. What we looked at during the inspection looked pretty good us to through the camera lenses," she said.

Thomas questions NASA safety judgment, NineMSN.com

"Was there a sound technical reason why they made that decision or was it subject to cost pressures or schedule pressures?" said Thomas, in a series of TV interviews from space.

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