STS-114 Countdown Continues

NASA Puts Shuttle Mission's Risk at 1 in 100, NY Times

"With a new realism born of disaster, NASA says that the risk of catastrophic failure during the space shuttle Discovery's mission is about 1 in 100, more than twice as great as an upbeat estimate issued before the loss of the Columbia in 2003."

Shuttle Launching Faces Two Familiar Obstacles, NY Times

"Michael D. Griffin, the agency's administrator, said Sunday that he was "comfortable" with how agency managers were dealing with recent technical problems. The space agency, Mr. Griffin said, is not "brushing away" uncertainty, but dealing with it the way that scientists and engineers do, which is to "balance one type of risk with another type or risk."

Shuttle to Be Launched Today If Weather, Sensors Cooperate, Washington Post

"NASA engineers readied the space shuttle Discovery for a second launch attempt, scheduled for Tuesday, keeping one eye on Florida's capricious summer weather and another on fuel sensors whose mysterious malfunction scrubbed the first try nearly two weeks ago."

Mission Status Center, Spaceflightnow

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