Weather Worries

Editor's note 10:00 am EDT: I just spoke with NASA HQ PAO. At this time NASA plans to proceed with preparations for a 13 July launch of STS-114 and they don't expect to delay that date based on weather.

- Storm track for Dennis
- NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group
- Titusville Weather, NOAA

NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 7 July 2005

"NASA weather officers are tracking Hurricane Dennis and its possible impact at Kennedy Space Center. The current forecast shows only a slight chance of more than 40 knot winds effecting KSC on Saturday."

NASA casts wary eye at hurricane, AP

"Shuttle managers decided Thursday evening to begin initial preparations to move Discovery from the pad, as the hurricane increased in intensity and headed toward the Gulf of Mexico and Florida's southern tip. A final call on whether to haul the shuttle back to its hangar and postpone its flight by at least a week was expected Friday afternoon."

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