Another Conservative Dumps on Space Explorers

Editor's note: As far as I can tell the only thing talking head Tony Blankley has ever done in his career is flap his mouth. Otherwise, he doesn't really 'do' anything - certainly nothing risky. But he sure does like to criticize those who do take risks. In this case, his target is STS-114 Commander Eileen Collins who, along with her crew, risked their life in service to their country. Oh, and just to certify his Neanderthal credentials, Blankley also tosses in some sexist jabs at Collins as well.

Reader comment: Thought you might find this interesting. I've not seen it posted anywhere. First time I've ever heard an astronaut being attacked by politico. See full transcript

The McLaughlin Group, broadcast weekend of Aug. 13-14, 2005. Exchange between Eleanor Clift (liberal) and Tony Blankley (conservative):

MS. CLIFT: It is too risky to send human beings out in that thing [the Shuttle]. I think Commander Eileen Collins was terrific, how cool she was under all of the tension of this little piece of foam, going out with the tweezers and fixing this, doing back flips.

MR. BLANKLEY: The man went outside to fix it.

MS. CLIFT: I'm sorry. She was the commander. She was the commander. And I would not demean her --

MR. BLANKLEY: She was busy giving environmental speeches.

MS. CLIFT: Oh, boy. I would not demean her position.

MR. BLANKLEY: She was up there exploiting her position to give her environmental screed. I thought that was very inappropriate of her.

MS. CLIFT: This is breathtaking what you are saying.

MR. BLANKLEY: She was talking about seeing the environmental damage out there.

MS. CLIFT: Tony, you aren't qualified to carry her -- what do I say? She doesn't wear a jock strap. Her brassiere, okay?

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