ARC All Hands

NASA ARC Memo: Message from the Director All-Hands Meeting - August 26, 2005

"The rapid pace of NASA's transformation efforts in support of the Exploration Vision has made it very hard to assess the implications for Ames. But I think we have enough solid information at this point that I can share with you where we stand."

A Time of Great Change: State of the Center All Hands Meeting (PDF)

- Ames is not closing and we are not being starved out.

- Mike Griffin has stated that primary beneficiaries of the Vision (SSC, JSC, MSFC and KSC) cannot hire without consideration of ARC, LaRC, GRC

- After all the puts and takes (reductions and new work assignments), there is still an FY 06 uncovered workforce at Ames of 700 people 300 Civil Servants and 400 Contractors

- CS Workforce that cannot be placed will face a RIF in FY 07 Notices will be sent out June 2006

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