Composite Model Shop Open House

Reader comment: The below announcement seems somewhat cruel to LaRC model shop technicians and others effected by the A-76.

The Composite model shop will wind up losing around half their staff in this action (some out the door, some back to machine shop after years of training at the model shop) if something is not done by the 9/5/05 separation date.

Management has been getting a lot of negative feedback on this although little if anything has been stated back to LaRC employees. LaRC wants to be part of the Exploration work but over 200 people have left this year and they are about to watch a critical fabrication capability get decimated. What does this say??

Smiling faces during the open house???


Fabrication Open House, August 24, 25 and 26, 2005

The Fabrication Service Activity, Systems Engineering Directorate, has sent out invitations to Project Managers, Branch Heads and others from across the Center and other organizations outside of LaRC to attend an Open House on August 24, 25, and 26, 2005 from 8:00A.M. until 12:00P.M. daily. The purpose of the Open House is to present the full suite of advanced product and process development capabilities in metals, electronics, and composite applications that are available within the Fabrication Service Activity. This Open House will provide an opportunity to tour the various fabrication facilities, view on-going research projects and meet with the Technicians that work closely with Engineers and Researchers.

As part of this Open House, it will be necessary to provide reserve parking as a convenience to our quests. The parking lot at the hangar door end of Building 1232A will be reserved the mornings of the Open House. A notice will be sent out a few days prior to remind those that routinely use this parking area.

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