Everyone Chimes In

- Workers at Michoud elated, The Advocate
- With Discovery down, it's time to move on, Rocky Mountain News
- Foam still nags NASA, keeps future in limbo, Huntsville Times
- Writing on the wall for US space shuttle, FInancial Times
- Time to rest for shuttles, Santa Maria Times
- With shuttle safe, NASA gets to work, SJ Mercury News
- NASA ponders shuttle's future, Dallas Morning News
- This one was really special, The Daily News

A happy landing, tenuous future, SF Chronicle

"Today, with the shuttle program grounded until further notice, Reagan's words have the distant ring of a more innocent era. There is nothing gallant about continuing a space shuttle program that has claimed the lives of 14 astronauts. There is nothing fainthearted about questioning our faith in a space agency that is unable to avoid repeating mistakes after spending more than $1 billion to make the aging shuttle fleet safer."

A safe return. Now move on, Chicago Tribune

"Over the decades space travel has been about courage and faith, the courage of astronauts who leave the Earth and the faith in the technology that blasts them off and returns them home. The Discovery mission showed Americans those traits endure. Yes, NASA stands for courage and faith, but it also stands for new vistas. The shuttle has served its purpose. It's time to move on."

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