Foam Update

Foam chunk came from repaired part of tank, Orlando Sentinel

"The same location was the site of a so-called "sand and blend" repair by foam workers. During this procedure, a dye absorbed by damaged foam is poured into the blemish. The surface then is sanded down until the dye is gone. The ramp repair can clearly be seen in "closeout" photos taken of the tank before launch as an area where the newly-exposed foam is slightly lighter in color. This type of repair is a common practice."

Fuel tank's pre-launch foam repair under scrutiny,

"A "tiger team" of NASA and contractor engineers is reviewing the manufacturing history of the shuttle Discovery's external fuel tank to find clues about what might have caused a chunk of foam insulation to pop off during launch July 26. NASA officials said today that foam in the area that pulled away was slightly damaged during the tank's processing, requiring a standard repair for relatively routine cracks and gouges."

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