Griffin and Gerst Meet The Press

Transcript of NASA Press Briefing With Mike Griffin and Bill Gerstenmaier 18 August 2005

"GRIFFIN: I was asked if I wanted to have the Minority Report or Minority comments in the overall report, and I said yes, because--and I had not read them ahead of time--because, frankly, I think that as NASA we do a disservice to ourselves and to our stakeholders, and frankly, to the taxpayers by creating an appearance that we do not wish to hear what people have to say if it should be negative. I think we do--I think we do ourselves proud when we take all the comments that are given, we study them, we evaluate them, we investigate them, and we decide which ones makes sense to us and that we wish to move forward on, and which ones where we don't think the advisers got it right. I think that's the proper way to treat advice."

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