ISS CO2 Update

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 20 August 2005

"Vozdukh was reactivated last night and continues to operate in manual mode 5. CDRA continues to operate also, currently in dual-bed mode. Early this morning, three good pumpo-downs were completed in single-bed mode, indicating that the failed check valve has re-seated. MCC-Houston and TsUP/Moscow are considering whether to deactivate CDRA later tonight following a minimum of one good cycle in dual-bed operations."

- Service Module Life Support Systems, Book 1, Mission Operations Directorate, 1 October 2000 (PDF)
- Service Module Atmosphere Revitalization Subsystem, Book 2, Mission Operations Directorate, 9 October 2000 (PDF)

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 18 August 2005

"Last night at ~6:14pm EDT, the Lab CDRA (Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly) failed due to a check valve in adsorbent/desiccant bed #2 stuck open. This is a known failure mode of CDRA. With the Russian Vozdukh also down, there is currently no automatic CO2 control. The CDRA will remain deactivated until after the EVA, at which time it will be restarted in single-bed mode until the check valve reseats, allowing return to dual-bed ops. CO2 levels will remain well below limits during the time the system is off."

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