KSC Life Science Cuts

Reader comment: "KSC workers are also very concerned about life sciences research cuts. The pending cuts are rumored to have a devastating impact on KSC's Life Sciences Support Contract, and are calling into question NASA's commitment to some of the applied R&D that will be necessary for long-duration missions to the Moon and Mars. The cuts may also jeopardize a KSC partnership with the state of Florida, which invested $30 million to build a new Space Life Sciences Laboratory at KSC (the state has been contemplating additional investments to support R&D on bioregenerative life support technologies)."

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Environmental Growth Chambers, NASA KSC

"These growth chambers are required for conducting plant growth studies in support of NASA's Lunar and Mars Exploration Mission."

Modification to a Previous NASA Solicitation Notice: Environmental Growth Chambers, NASA KSC

"This is a modification to the synopsis entitled Environmental Growth Chambers, which was posted on July 14, 2005. You are notified that the subject requirement is hereby canceled."

Response from NASA HQ PAO: "The environmental growth chambers solicitation was pulled because the Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS), which includes a review of such procurements, is not yet completed. Since the ESAS may have an impact on this procurement, it was decided to hold it until the ESAS is completed."

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